Senin, 13 September 2010


He's the one I cannot live without

Minggu, 05 September 2010

[movies] Boogeyman 3

and another one xD

Boogeyman 3

another typical American urban legend yah?
well.. pretty good... to me this one is better than The Messenger 2 : The Scarecrow or The Mist :)

my fave part is when she realizes that the Boogeyman is just using her to spread the fact and to make everyone believes that he exists.

This one is so so, at least it made me imagine IF this Boogeyman's suddenly cme out of my closet T.T

hahaha stupid ==''

[movies] The Message

This is another result of my 'melenceng dari rencana' thingy xD

The Message
awesome movie ^^

how much would you sacrifice urself for ur country ^^

[movie] Orphan

HI :)
still remember I've prepared many movies in my list ^^'' ?
and the result is..... TA DAAAAA... I have watched NONE of them *sigh*
idk I just get no mood in the end.. I am so not in the mood for drama xD
However... instead of finishing the list... I have watched some other movies :P
I picked something thriller and bold xD
So this week I had ORPHAN, THE MESSAGE and BOOGEYMAN 3.. OH and lots lots lots of Happy Feet and Rattatouille xD

And this is the Orphan :

I found this one in old movies aisle. I just saw it and I knew it 's good :)

This is something you should never miss :)
Just be careful... something that s too perfect isn't always good *evilgrin*