Minggu, 05 September 2010

[movie] Orphan

HI :)
still remember I've prepared many movies in my list ^^'' ?
and the result is..... TA DAAAAA... I have watched NONE of them *sigh*
idk I just get no mood in the end.. I am so not in the mood for drama xD
However... instead of finishing the list... I have watched some other movies :P
I picked something thriller and bold xD
So this week I had ORPHAN, THE MESSAGE and BOOGEYMAN 3.. OH and lots lots lots of Happy Feet and Rattatouille xD

And this is the Orphan :

I found this one in old movies aisle. I just saw it and I knew it 's good :)

This is something you should never miss :)
Just be careful... something that s too perfect isn't always good *evilgrin*


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