Senin, 16 Agustus 2010

[GAME] MCF - Return to Ravenhearst

yihiii xD

before writing this post... i'd like to say thanks thanks thanks a lot for the best best best Saudian computer guy I know >>>> ABDULAZIZ a.k.a AZIIZ xD my Polar Bear :)

He knows I am in love with the MCF and he finds me the Return to Ravenhearst :) I meant... FINALLY! I can oni dream and suddenly Aziiz gave me a way out to stop dreaming xD he made my dream come true xD

I finished it in like... 2 days --'' >>> and that is today :)
Yeah so slow I know xD but it is so fun and I'm going to play it over and over again to finish it faster. The part that frustrated me the most is when I have to connect the lights to make a phone call --'' OOOH I was like spending 15 minutes oni for that part --'' yah I know I am retarded xD

and it should be done like this :

( taken from other blog ^___^ )

and I plan to play it again tonight :)

oh I oso use a walkthrough for my guide xD

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