Minggu, 13 September 2009

Simple Steamed Brownies ^^

Ini adalah brownies kukus-ku yang ke sekian ^^ yesterday was a busy day for my family held kind of Buka Bersama for the whole community. While people were doing this and that and I dunno what to do... I was thinking about this steamed brownies. I've been craving for chocolate lately and I always need to find the cure ;P

Then I was busy myself to make this. I didn't know that I've run out of chocolate powder *yay!* that was not 50gr but less... *>_<* but that's okay ^^ And... the result came out... fluffy and soft ^^ oh and so good ^^
everybody loved it ^^
I put some chocolate chips and my little cousins said I should've put more :D
I made two recipes ^^ actually I doubled it :D ^^

Here's the recipe ^^ (doubled&modified by me :D )


Tepung terigu protein sedang 150 gr
Cokelat bubuk 50 gr ( me= less :P )
Telur ayam 4 butir
Gula pasir 200 gr ( me= 180 gr )
Minyak goreng 50 ml
Santan 50 ml (me= skipped, subtituted with 60 ml thick milk chocolate)
SP 1 sdt
Chocolate chips 100 gr (optional)

1. Kocok gula, telur dan Sp sampai putih.
2. Tambahkan minyak goreng dan santan sedikit demi sedikit sambil diaduk hingga rata.
3. Masukkan terigu dan cokelat bubuk yang telah diayak, aduk melipat hingga rata.
4. Masukkan choco chips.
5. Tuang adonan ke loyang bersemir margarin dan dilapisi terigu.
6. Kukus kurleb 30 menit.
7. Dinginkan, potong-potong, makaaaaaan ^^

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