Jumat, 14 Agustus 2009

That's my Mom

Buat yang pasti bakal baca ini, hey that's my Mom not yours!

Hebat kan aku punya mama yang baiiiik banget and sabaaaar ^^

Beruntung banget kaaaaan akuuu ^^

Ngiri kaaaaan?

Too bad du habsch gut Mutter nicht (iye meine Deutsch emang berantakan kekekekek!)

What a pity!

However you have to remember that's my Mom, so whatever you say or do she'll be protecting me still ^^

I am her daughter, who do you think you are?

There's no use you tell all your problems to my Mom, she's NOT your Mom!

Tx God that's MY Mom!

and good luck with YOUR OWN Mom!

and my friends?

OMG, those are MY friends too, they'll not be listening to you, not even close, they even want me to delete their names on your cellphones!

You can't even get along with YOUR OWN friends, what makes you think you will be okay with my friends?

They don't even like you!
Me and my friends, we're so one thought, there's no way you can understand.

And... you asked them to get information about me?

Hahaha... so funny! Like they're gonna tell you!

We're laughing behind your back, loser!

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