Rabu, 29 Juli 2009

My First Decorated Cakes

That's our little Saschya and her nanny and Laura and Ucee. She really loved the cake! It was just small cake... but she loves cake! Actually it's the buttercream... kids love lickin' them till they're covered by it hehe!

This is after we sliced the cake... chocolate cake with mocca filling ^^ we made a kind of small party for Saschya loooves birthday party... so we pretended that it was her birthday ^^

This one is a cake for someone special. His name was written on it but for the safety of my own ~considering several psycho terrors that attacked me this lately :P~ I have to hide it ^^

I know these decoration aren't the best at all... I need to learn more... but in my opinion... not bad for a beginner ^^

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